Feminist Frequency.

With all the vitriol surrounding Feminist Frequency, there are two straw men in particular that I’ve noticed repeated ad nauseum.

First, there’s the false notion that criticizing a group of media properties somehow constitutes a total condemnation of that media. There are many cases in which people can be highly critical of certain aspects of a medium, a franchise, or a game, and still derive a great deal of entertainment from it.

Second, there’s the even more baffling idea that this sort of criticism equates to a condemnation of the fans that enjoy that property. Nowhere have I seen The Feminist Frequency channel criticize, implicitly or otherwise, people who enjoy video games. Neither have I seen Sarkeesian lambaste anyone other than the people who, you know, call her words not worth reprinting.

I think a parallel to be drawn here is (of course) with Star Trek. I find many elements of the original series to be intensely problematic, to the point of outright misogyny. Some episodes are greater offenders than others, but even divorced from its original production context, it really doesn’t hold up to contemporary notions of equality of opportunity, or to a modern desire not to objectify women.

Yet in spite of believing these things, I still regularly re-watch original series episodes. I’m the member of a Star Trek club. I even feel such a strong attachment to it that I included aspects of it in my wedding! So yeah, I’m fairly ticked off that so much of the “discourse” (re:shouting) surrounding Feminist Frequency is based on these entirely unfounded assumptions that criticism equates to hatred.

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