Social Criticism and the Media.

I think being interested in media is a bit like being a car enthusiast. People like me are quite content to just let their cars take them places, and can appreciate how they look on the outside. But a decent chunk of people want to do more than that: they want to pop that hood and see how the engine works. Maybe they want to participate with the process more, and might fiddle with the engine. And the people who REALLY get into it might proffer suggestions of how to get it to run better, or look nicer.

Well it’s really the same way with the people who look at media. Some just want to uncritically watch their films; others might be more interested with how storytelling works in the context of larger society; and others might even make suggestions of how to change that. How simple is that?

Now imagine there’s an intransigent minority in the first category. People who can’t stand the notion of any kind of criticism. You know what the equivalent would be in the car world? It would be as though I hung around a garage and screamed, “HOW DARE YOU OPEN THAT HOOD!!!”

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