Yes, this is my obligatory “I’m excited about today’s announcement” post.

Over the years I’ve had some ideas about how _Star Trek should continue the franchise. Yes, technically this is all fan-fiction, you may roll your eyes here. But consider this, the TV series in particular, as well as the conclusion to the film, as what I want to see from new Star Trek. If you are not a total dork, please don’t bother reading this._


Jesse’s New TV Series Pitch

I’ve had this idea floating around my head for a number of years. I originally wrote this in its current form on March 27.

We need to bring Star Trek in the HBO Era. No, that doesn’t mean sex and gore, it means cohesive plot lines that run through the entire season. It means actual character development over the course of the series, with many characters–some quite beloved–dying off or being written off the show in a very calculated and planned way. It also means 13 episode long, tightly plotted seasons.

The big caveat is that I know this would never sell in a million years. And if we got an actual new Trek series, it should probably stick to a more traditional model.

The show takes place 15 years after the end of the Dominion War.

The Series takes place on the USS Monitor. It is the first (and only) Battleship constructed by Starfleet during the war. However, her first mission was at the Battle of Cardassia. During the Pax Federation that followed the War, she has been a ship who doesn’t have a purpose. She has essentially become that Excelsior class ship that shuttles dignitaries back and forth during TNG. During the first two seasons of the show, she is assigned mainly to the Cardassian Sector, assisting reconstruction, subduing piracy, and aiding Cardassia’s eventual entry into the Federation.

The Leading Cast:

The First Officer. That’s right, the Captain is not at the forefront of this series… at least at first. He’s 28, the youngest Starfleet Officer to attain the rank of Commander since Jim Kirk. However, since his rise has been so meteoric, he has to pay his dues on a less than ideal assignment before he can move back into his first love, exploration. He’s Mexican, from the city of Guadalajara. Trek has been notably lacking in Latino representation in the past.

The Tactical Officer. Betazoid Female, 30s. No one gets the drop on her. She has a bad habit of stunning people before they can even draw their own phaser… much to the consternation of her commanding officers. Think Vasquez from Aliens. She starts the series bitter about her assignment, though this will change as the series progresses.

The Chief Medical Officer. Female of a new alien species TBD. A red-skinned, silicon based life form. She is the Spock/Data/Odo/T’Pol of this crew.

The Supporting Cast:

The Captain. Human male, 60. An old warhorse of the Dominion War. Edward Jellico, except more tired. He commanded the Monitor on it’s maiden voyage, and he still commands it to this day. Before that, he had been around the block in the War.

The Chief Engineer. Human male, 40. As the series starts, completely unremarkable.

The Helmsman. Human male, 25. His first assignment was with the Captain during this voyage.

The First Season

The Monitor is attempting to crack the resurgent Orion Syndicate in the Alpha Quadrant. They have made significant inroads into Cardassian space. First Citizen Garak, the leader of the Cardassian government, is proactive in assisting the Federation. Yet by the end of the season, it is discovered that there is conspiracy aboard the Monitor to aid the Syndicate in its profiteering in the sector.

The Captain and his conspirators aboard the Monitor were left behind after the war. They were trained to fight, but as warriors in a newly peaceful society, they were left behind.

The three leads uncover the conspiracy over the course of the first season. This bonds them together as the core group of the show. Most of the supporting cast get hauled off to a Federation rehabilitation colony. Most will actually make guest appearances in the show as the series progresses.

The Second Season

The admission of Cardassia into the Federation continues. While the Monitor is outfitted for war, they continue in their role as humanitarian relief and peacemakers. While there is a flare up with the Romulans, by the end of the season, a ceremony welcomes the Bajorans, the Romulans, and the Cardassians into the Federation as equal members.

New cast members:

Vulcan Captain, Female. Steely and reserved, our three core crew members dislike her to begin with, but her ability to negotiate with many different species and get results finally persuade them.

Trill Helmsman, Male. Unjoined. Ensign. Starts the season entirely naive, and very nervous and untested. Bonds quickly with the three leads. At the end of the season, he leaves the Monitor to begin the bonding process with a symbiont.

The Third Season

After their spectacularly successful mission in getting previously warring factions to all join the Federation, the Monitor is retrofitted with extensive science equipment, and sent on an exploration mission. Most of the season is one off episodes, boldly going to brave new worlds.

New cast members:

Bolian Helmsman, Male. Very friendly and genial.

Season Finale: The Monitor encounters a remote, seemingly unremarkable planet. During their seemingly routine survey, they are ambushed quickly and unexpectedly by a similarly equipped dreadnought in orbit. The Bridge is depressurized, instantly killing the captain and helmsman. The First Officer and CMO are stranded on the planet with a small landing party. The Tactical Officer and Engineer are the only senior officers remaining on the ship.

The Fourth Season

Almost entirely taking place within the vicinity of the mysterious planet. The landing party has to strive to survive in the suddenly hostile world. The tactical officer and engineer attempt to repair the ship from Engineering to rematch the Dreadnought that crippled them.

At the end of the season, it is discovered that the Dreadnought is the last vestige of an ancient alien race. They died out, but left the last of their offspring on this remote world to be awoken. Their defence systems malfunctioned, leaving the rogue ship in orbit. The Monitor is finally able to recover the crew from the surface, defeat the ship, and re-awaken the ancient species. At the end of the season, the First Officer is promoted to Captain, the youngest since James T. Kirk.

The Fifth Season… and beyond?

Another voyage of exploration. The Trill helmsman from the second season returns, complete with symbiote and an total change in personality. The Monitor and crew continue exploring the Galaxy.


Jesse’s Pitch for a 50th Anniversary Film

I wrote this before Star Trek Beyond went into production. It’s my way of at least bringing back all of the Captains into one timeline, doing an epic tribute to the franchise, and erasing the miserable failure that was _Into Darkness. Consider the following not only dubious fan fiction, but also a rough draft._

Pre-credits sequence: The Neutral Zone. Denius III. Camera follows a Klingon D-7 warship to… an asteroid with veins of settlements on it. In a facility that looks more like a medieval forge within a mountain, Klingon engineers deconstruct remnants of the Narada. Did you really think they left it in orbit for 25 years without doing anything to it? A young engineer tells his gruff old supervisor that he has found some latent code within an auxiliary computer core within the Narada, and he would like to explore further. Supervisor tells him to proceed. After some experimentation, the lab is shut down for the night. After everyone leaves, a nanoprobe extends from the auxiliary computer core and starts interacting with a nearby console.

Opening Title

Star Trek: Rebirth

Opening sequence. Kirk and Koloth in laughter. The malevolent entity is driven away by their newfound friendship. The Enterprise warps back to drop the Klingons off in their territory. Exposition: in the middle of their five year mission. Tensions between the Klingon Empire and the Federation are easing, however. Suddenly, the Enterprise receives a distress signal from a Federation listening outpost near the neutral zone. When they divert to it, they discover a small geometrically shaped scout craft in the process of scooping the entire facility off the surface, and using it to build a larger craft. Spock wants to wait to complete more scans, but Kirk cuts him off. “Fire all weapons.” In the process of… absorbing… the colony, the ship is vulnerable. It is destroyed almost immediately.

Dozens more ships drop out of warp. Cubes. Spheres. Sulu deftly weaves the Enterprise between green tractor beams, and warps away. General unease abound on the ship. Kirk and Spock look at each other. They know who they have to call.

They hail Spock the Elder. He insists that they rendezvous on the nearby Rigel Colony. When there, he tells them… about the Borg. The Federation’s most implacable foe. In his timeline, only three starships have ever survived an encounter with them. Only three captains.

Another distress call. This time… from the Klingon Empire! The Klingon borderlands are being overrun by a new, unpredictable foe. Entire colonies and fleets of Klingon cruisers are being assimilated. The mightiest warriors in the galaxy are quickly falling to the Borg.

Spock the Elder only knows of one way to travel through dimensions that he can easily replicate. Go to warp in a stable wormhole. But stable wormholes are entirely theoretical! protest Spock the Younger. I know of one, says Spock the Elder.

Bajor. The Enterprise drops out of Warp. Early Cardassian ships circle the planet. The scaffold of a familiar shape is in orbit. The Enterprise drops out of warp, and heads to the outer reaches of the system.

Spock the Elder warns that the Cardassians are not to be trifled with. The new timeline must have affected the history of these worlds as well. He explains of the stable wormhole in the Donorios belt, and that a Runabout had previously achieved a dimensional breach here.

They enter the wormhole. And go to Warp.

Suddenly, Kirk and the Spocks are surrounded by white light. The sound of a faint heartbeat. A figure walks out of the distance. A Starfleet officer! He introduces himself. He is of Bajor. The Emissary of the Prophets. He had a name once… the Sisko.

They explain the situation to him. He may be a Prophet, but he’s still part human too. And he has significant feelings towards the Borg… Sisko replies that yes, he can take the Enterprise to any time in History. Time has no meaning to a Prophet.

Earth, the 22nd Century. President-elect Archer gives the founding speech of the Federation. It is glorious. After, he meets with the Ambassadors T’Pol, Phlox, and Shran to discuss the business of the day. Kirk, the Spocks, and Sisko beam down. They explain that the situation is dire, and that Archer and T’Pol have knowledge of creatures known as the Borg, and that the integrity of the timeline that Archer has worked so hard to defend is in jeopardy once again. Archer, T’Pol and Phlox beam aboard the Enterprise.

Utopia Planitia, 2400. Admiral Janeway and Captains Torres and Seven of Nine marvel over the new starship they have designed. The Enterprise-G, first in her class. Just completed her shakedown cruise under the command of Captain Kim. Again, Kirk, Spock, Sisko, and now Archer beam aboard. The three former Voyager crew-members have unparalleled technical knowledge about the Borg. It may be a different time and dimension, but it NEEDS THEM. The Enterprise has been damaged in the previous fights. But since there’s another Starship Enterprise right here…

Khitomer, 2400. Federation President Picard meets with Ambassador Worf from the Klingons, and Praetor Sela from the Romulan Remnant. They are signing the final treaty that will end all hostilities between their people. The Klingons and the Romulans have had enough carnage. They are joining the Federation. It is a Brave New World. As his adjutant, Picard has many of his old crew, all Captains and Admirals now. Again, the party from the Enterprise interrupts the proceedings. Picard and Data have unique knowledge of the Borg collective, and are needed to fight them.

The two Enterprises, with crews from across Federation history, head back to the wormhole to end the Borg menace in the alternate timeline.

The two Enterprises emerge in the JJ timeline, the moment the first one left. They make contact with Starfleet. Everything is going worse than expected. A swarm of hastily assimilated D-7 battlecruisers are swarming the quadrant. With late 24th century technology, no power is a match for them. The Enterprise warps to Earth to stop a Borg invasion…

But they are too late. They arrive just in time to witness millions of Klingon drones landing on the surface and assimilating the population. The new Enterprise is a powerful ship, but it cannot withstand the Borg/Klingon swarm alone. They withdraw.

The only place to go is Romulan space; that is where the remnants of the Federation and Klingon fleets are headed, to make their last stand.

The Captains confer. What is the best strategy to defeat the Borg?

The Engineers slave away in Engineering. They are using the technical data they’ve obtained to buttress the ship’s defenses against the Borg.

The Doctors confer. They prepare Sickbay for the inevitable casualties.

Back to the Captains. The only way to stop the Borg in this timeline… is to strike at their homeworld. Beyond one of many Unicomplexes, it s a world orbiting a dead star. Hundreds of Queens, forming one Mainframe.

The Enterprise is equipped with Transwarp Engines. They leave the Alpha Quadrant to finally shut the Borg down.

The Mainframe is too well defended for their ship to attack directly.

Archer and Seven will use their technical knowledge of Borg transmissions to connect Data to their network, and disrupt their communications, effectively paralyzing them.

Picard and Janeway will command the Enterprise. Picard led them into battle, and Janeway knows how to beat them.

Kirk and Sisko will lead a strike team onto their homeworld, to destroy the mainframe directly.

The Battle of the Borg homeworld is the emotional low point of the film. Data is briefly taken over by the Borg consciousness. He kills Archer before Seven is able to shut him down. The Picard and Janeway are critically injured on the Bridge of the Enterprise. Worf dies in glorious battle on the surface of the Klingon home planet, buying Sisko and Kirk enough time to escape to the Enterprise, again hobbling away.

The Enterprise-G is being swarmed by Cubes. There is no escape. A console explodes on the bridge, killing Elder Spock. It’s like the Kobyashi Maru at the beginning of the Wrath of Khan, except actually happening.

Bones says, “This didn’t have to happen… we didn’t have to be here.”

A sudden serenity passes over Sisko. He closes his eyes… and the Enterprise vanishes.

It re-appears in close orbit of a star. Sisko is nowhere to be found.

The survivors quickly get the viewscreen back on line. They see the Narada and the Kelvin. Captain Robau’s shuttle is getting ready to depart.

The Enterprise is near broken. Kirk has one command: “Mr. Sulu… take us to warp.”

The warp engines engage. The Enterprise collides with the Narada. The massive impact sends the entirety of the debris into the star, where it is incinerated.

But that is not the end. The screen fades to white. The sound of a distant heartbeat is heard.

Kirk the younger steps forward. Where he meets… his older self.

[This is a VERY ROUGH sketch of the conversation.]

Pine: “Where am I?”

Shatner: “You mean where are we. At one point, another Captain of the Enterprise took me on an adventure, not unlike what you’ve just done. This is just the part of me… the part of us… that was left behind.

Pine: “Did we do it? Did we stop the Borg?”

Shatner: “For now, yes. And maybe some bold so will do it again in the future.”

Pine: “What about me? What about us?”

Shatner: “You’ll go on. You make a fine Captain of the Enterprise.”

Pine: “And you?”

Shatner: [Smiles] “You’ll find out in fifty or so years. I can tell you one thing, though.”

Pine: “What?”

Shatner: “We do good. We make a difference. With every fiber of our being, with every ounce of strength, until our body is broken… but our spirit never will be. We help others.”

Fade to white.

Fade to: 2265. The Enterprise, emerging from Spacedock. It’s first voyage under Captain Kirk’s command.

It looks like a hybrid between JJ Trek and the original series in every way.

Pine: “Captain’s Personal Log. So begins my command of the Flagship of the Federation. My father was on hand to see me take command of this starship. If he has taught me anything, it is that space is full of the unexpected. Full of wonders. In these next five years, I hope to do him proud.”

The crew of the Enterprise are quickly re-introduced. Some know each other. Some are meeting each other for the first time. They assemble on the bridge, bound for the outer arm of the Galaxy.

Glory shot of the exterior of the ship. Familiar music plays. “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.”