Need in a land of Plenty.

What is currency? It is imaginary little numbers in computers and printed on pieces of paper that determine how a society allocates its resources.

Currently, America has more empty houses than it has homeless people.

America grows much more food than it has people who go to sleep hungry every night.

And America has millions of people who remain unemployed in spite of the fact that we have so much to do in this country: roads that need to be fixed, children who need to be educated, and people that need to be defended.

But these things don’t happen. Why? So those imaginary ones and zeroes in some computer in New York can sit in a column on a spreadsheet that is designated for a person who already has one of the largest houses and the best yachts in the world.

So ask yourself, what kind of world has work but no jobs? Is it a world that is built on fulfilling everyone’s needs? Or is it a world that is built on giving more ones and zeroes to people who’s great-grandparents had enough to begin with?

America was not built by huge Corporations or Government Bureaucracies. It was built by people who Work. And as long as Employment is tied to little pieces of paper represented on a spreadsheet, the work won’t get done.

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