I have that lurching feeling in my stomach like I’m falling. And an ache in my chest that can’t go away. And that feeling in my head like I’m about to get struck by lightning.

I’m hoping that the perpetrators of the attack in Paris are caught, and brought to real justice, the kind of justice that they would deny to others.

In this complicated miasma of grief and anger, remember three things:

1) the tenants of radical Islam call for a massive war, where Western Crusade meets Muslim Jihad, a great decisive battle, where they believe God will descend from the heavens. Crazy, I know. But to do it, ISIS and al Qaeda want to provoke our anger so we will give them that battle.

2) these radical groups want us to brutalize and marginalize Muslims within our own countries. They want alienated and disenfranchised young people to recruit to their cause to be next year’s suicide bombers.

3) the refugees currently in Europe are fleeing exactly this crazy ideology.

So I’m not going to advocate that you forgive the attackers, or sing kumbaya or anything like that. I’m asking that we implement the kinds of policies as a government, and take the kinds of actions as individuals, that will make the radical ideology of murderers wither and die as quickly as we can.

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