Thoughts on the Second Presidential Debate.

The Town Hall Debate is supposed to be the format where the candidate shows off how they visibly connect with voters, and address their concerns. The elder Bush basically lost the ’92 election when he was caught checking his watch during a question about the national debt.

Donald Trump is coming off, bar none, the worst October surprise in electoral history. The RNC has pulled funding and removed his campaign from their ground game. And unless he has an amazing debate performance, they’re probably going to at least tacitly concede the Presidency to Clinton.

So how should Trump go about winning the debate? If I were advising him, I’d say that he should go out there and appear respectful and Presidential for the first time in his campaign. To try and connect with voters. To do some last minute cramming and try to appear knowledgeable.

Of course, we know how Trump acts when he feels he’s on the defensive. He’s going to lash out with every discredited slander, every point of fevered 90s delusion that you’ve probably read before in Creepy Uncle Chuck’s forwarded emails. He might punctuate every rebuttal to any question Clinton will answer, no matter how unrelated, with a blowjob joke.

She’s probably had to discuss what to do if he tries to physically intimidate her. Or if he storms off the stage.

This is an important election! I want to hear about trade policy! Trump can choose to make that happen.

But instead, we’re going to see every worst human instinct laid bare, normalized for our children to study in their History textbooks. And fully one third of my fellow countrymen right now think that’s a good thing right now.

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