Tonight’s VP Debate: A Primer and Some Predictions

So, who’s excited for tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate? Woo! I sure am!
Wait, anybody? Anybody? Well you should be, and even if you’re just going to get the highlights on YouTube later, here’s some of the important bits:
The VP spot is very vaguely defined, with their only mandated Constitutional role being to break ties in the Senate. However, President often delegates tasks to them. Mostly it’s shepherding legislation through. Sometimes a VP has a lot of power like Dick Cheney. And sometimes they’re just there for public appearances, like Dan Quayle… and what a great job he did.
So if you’re on the fence about Clinton, here’s your chance for a peek at the type of person she’s likely to appoint in her administration. You can read more about him here.
Now if you’re one of the rarities in my friends list who is actually considering voting for Trump, here’s something you need to keep in mind. Trump’s campaign allegedly offered the VP spot to Ohio Governor John Kasich, promising him that he would be in charge of foreign and domestic policy, while Trump’s sole job would be, I assume, holding more rallies, and Tweeting at 3am.
So if you’re considering a vote for Trump, keep in mind that in all likelihood, this is the man who would really be running the country. He’s been a right-wing ideologue on every issue, and a disaster for his state. I think it can be summed up best on this issue: Pence shut down as many Planned Parenthood clinics as possible, including their other services, such as HIV screenings. He then shut down needle exchanges in Indiana. This has resulted in an HIV epidemic in Indiana. Here’s more on his record: 
Something also worth considering is that this debate demonstrates a significant cleavage in America: how people believe their faith should intersect with politics. Mike Pence is an evangelical extremist who has stated that he places his beliefs before America. Conversely, Kaine has stated that he puts his country before his Catholic faith, sometimes supporting policies that he himself finds objectionable, in deference to the freedoms of his constituents.
Of course I don’t think we’re going to see such a high minded discussion tonight. What can we actually expect from the debate itself? Pence will try to walk a tight rope between support for his candidate, while Kaine throws every outlandish thing Trump has said and done at him. And even if Kaine doesn’t wield the hatchet fiercely, Pence’s own record and statements are every bit as loony as Trump’s.
Of course with the kind of week that Trump’s been having, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Pence pulled out a bottle of Jamison, and just let it all out with his buddy Tim.
So this evening, I will most likely be shouting at my television for another 90 minutes. Or you know, sitting there quietly and posting on the Internet as though I really am shouting.
But here’s a prediction: “Pence will bomb horrifically and Trump will blame it on a defective Mike.”
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