Will the Election be rigged? Volume 2

Today on the campaign trail, Donald J. Trump once again raised the possibility of electoral fraud in November.

Let’s take a moment to remember who runs our elections: the individual States do. There’s a position that we vote for every four years, mostly called the Secretary of State. There is no relation to the Federal position; the SoS in the various states tend to be tasked with record keeping, and administering elections.

And what do you know, being an elected position, a simple Google search will show you who they are in each state. Currently, 28 of the 50 states have a Republican serving in this position (or its equivalent).

So when Hillary Clinton inevitably wins in most of the following states and Donald Trump cries foul, remember these names:

Arizona – Michele Reagan, R
Colorado – Wayne W. Williams, R
Florida – Ken Detzner, R
Georgia – Brian Kemp, R
Iowa – Paul Pate, R
Michigan – Ruth Johnson, R
Mississippi – Delbert Hosemann, R
Nevada – Barbara K. Cegavske, R
New Mexico – Brad Winter, R
Ohio – Jon Husted, R
South Carolina – Mark Hammond, R
Texas – Carlos H. Cascos, R

So when the inevitable conspiracy theories start rolling around about a stolen election, remember that the Democratic Party would have to somehow gain the complicity of a dozen of these lifelong Republicans.

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