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Ideological Diversification.

I’ve completed my transition from Reddit to Twitter as my primary news aggregator. (Reddit’s altered algorithm and infiltration by white supremacists spurred this decision.) In the aftermath of the 2016 election, I sought to expand my “bubble,” and diversify the…Continue Reading →


Trump’s Sweden comments weren’t referring to terrorist attacks. Instead, they were referring to a misleading narrative being peddled by the far right for the last year. Several years ago, Swedish Police overhauled the way sex crimes were reported. They broadened…Continue Reading →

The Future of General Leia.

Unpopular opinion of the night: In Episode IX, they should recast┬áLeia. Apparently her role increases in importance in each installment. It would take a significant rewrite that would profoundly alter the trajectory of the Sequel Trilogy to remove her from…Continue Reading →

Welcome to your Kleptocracy.

When this whole thing crashes and burns, every GOP operative and representative are going to be trying to distance themselves and their ideology from him. A key part of doing that will be rhetorically distancing themselves from the notion that…Continue Reading →


Let’s start with some common ground. Very few people are currently satisfied with the immigration system as it currently stands in the United States. The GOP has been long pushing this canard about how leftists want to erase the border…Continue Reading →