Trump’s Sweden comments weren’t referring to terrorist attacks. Instead, they were referring to a misleading narrative being peddled by the far right for the last year.

Several years ago, Swedish Police overhauled the way sex crimes were reported. They broadened the definition of rape, and as a result an uneducated person can read the data as there being an explosion of rape in the country. However, when you correct for their new methodology in reporting and recording sex crimes, the rate remains consistent.

Right wing propaganda rags like Brietbart then posit not just a correlation, but instead a causation between Sweden’s generous policies towards refugees with the statistical increase. They don’t report the change in data. Instead, they signal boost every story about every refugee doing so much as jaywalking in that country.

Trump’s Sweden comments are only indicative that Bannon has been helping him write his speeches. It’s a signal to those who have been keeping up on their white supremacist propaganda. And it’s a very illustrative example of how right wing sources will read data in purely bad faith to boost their narrative.