Unpopular opinion of the night:

In Episode IX, they should recast Leia.

Apparently her role increases in importance in each installment. It would take a significant rewrite that would profoundly alter the trajectory of the Sequel Trilogy to remove her from the final installment.

Doing some kind of CGI workaround to kill her off would be more disrespectful to the performance she completed in The Last Jedi. It would alter the trajectory of the character in a way that her performance couldn’t anticipate.

Killing her off or writing her out offscreen would unfairly disregard an iconic character.

And creating a CGI facsimile of her character to either kill her off or perform an entire film I think smacks of a similar disregard.

We’re all adults. We recognize the tragedy of Carrie Fisher’s untimely death. We also recognize that the harsh realities that it imposes. But the show must go on.

Whoever were to take the role would have an incredibly difficult task. But ultimately I think it’s the best option in a series of unfortunate ones.