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He Took the Fifth!

I think we’re far enough away from any big legal drama playing out in the news that I can go into this subject. I kind of have a feeling it’s going to be an issue again pretty soon, so let’s…Continue Reading →

The Irish Diaspora.

On this day when millions of people celebrate the Irish diaspora in America, it’s worth reflecting on the circumstances surrounding their departure from Ireland. During the “famine,” there was more than enough food being grown to feed everyone, but it…Continue Reading →

He Owns Things.

For a people that claim to value a strong work ethic, Americans tend to really value the notion that you get to live a life of luxury while performing no labor if you have just the right pieces of paper…Continue Reading →


We’ve been in this phase of no compromise from the GOP whatsoever. And today I’m seeing a lot of pundits talking about compromising with Trump. Once again, let’s examine how wrongheaded that thinking is. In the 90s, Gingrich seized on…Continue Reading →