The running joke going around that I really like is, “this last election proves that to win elections the Democratic Party should adopt my policy preferences.

So, let’s get started with me being totally right.

Here’s where the Moderate Democrats have it right:

  • A ~15 point swing in districts that are deeply GOP is nothing to turn your nose up at. If the Democrats can keep that up, that will translate to ~75 House seats being flipped in 2018.
  • Local political operatives probably know their local districts and what will trend well there better than armchair activists an entire country away.
  • Don’t sell civil rights down the river. With a massive voter suppression operation underway it’s one of the massive issues of our time.

Here’s where the Progressives have it right:

  • The Democrats need to come out swinging with large, easily digestible ideas. Simply being the Party of “we’re going to prevent the further erosion of the New Deal” isn’t cutting it. Universal Health Care would be the most expedient starting place in this political moment.

Conservatives have been painting relatively moderate policies as “Socialism” for decades. We have little to lose if they continue calling us Socialists. Those in the Fox media bubble are going have “PANIC AND FEAR” screamed in their face no matter what Democratic policies are.

The unfortunate truth is that no matter how unpopular Trump gets, voters remain entirely tribal. The strength of the GOP is that they fall in line. The weakness of the Democrats is that they need to fall in love. Unfortunately many members of our wing of the political spectrum tends to not take voting very seriously.

I think that there can be candidates who very easily bridge both wings of the Party. One of the big problems I had with the 2016 Primary cycle was the sheer amount of astroturfing done by the GOP (and dare I say another party) in trying to turn our Primary cycle toxic. There’s no need to rise to those levels of apocalyptic, apoplectic rage. And if you’re feeling that way over inter-party politics right now, please focus that energy on the Senate and AHCA repeal right now.