I see impeachment is trending again. Here’s a brief synopsis of the process it has to go through.

It has to pass through the House Judiciary Committee. The current chairman is Bob Goodlatte, a Republican from Virginia. His staffers were secretly working on Trump’s immigration order. He spearheaded the weakening of the Office of Congressional Ethics. Even independent of the fact that he owes his position to the Speaker, he is thoroughly in the bag for Trump.

Even assuming this process could be surmounted, the Speaker of the House of Representatives controls the agenda for what gets voted on in the House. As long as Trump signs off on whatever Byzantine tax policy Paul Ryan proposes, it is highly unlikely that Ryan will ever allow such a vote to take place.

After that, the President moves to an impeachment trial in the Senate. After arguments are made, it requires 67 Senators to remove the President from office. If you know of 19 Republican Senators who would remove Trump and risk his fervent supporters voting third party in their next election, let Chuck Schumer know.

Is it possible that somehow these men will discover some sense of civic and patriotic duty? Well, we’ll see. Until then don’t get too excited about Articles of Impeachment being introduced in the House.

Remember, the Constitution is only ink on a page if the men responsible for upholding it simply decide it is in their interests not to.

Our real hope is to take back Congress in 2018.