Pride and Identity.

Pride is always important. What it represents is important. And this year, in 2017, when LGBTQ rights are being rolled back, and what are sneeringly dismissed as “identity politics” are being questioned, it’s worth briefly examining some of the major…Continue Reading →


Let’s start with some common ground. Very few people are currently satisfied with the immigration system as it currently stands in the United States. The GOP has been long pushing this canard about how leftists want to erase the border…Continue Reading →

I am Racist.

The President-elect built his coalition on stoking the racial antipathy of white people. Low income Americans voted for Clinton over Trump by an over 10% margin. Trump won a two-to-one victory in counties where the unemployment rate has improved the…Continue Reading →


You know honestly here’s an unusual story that’s swelling back. So when I was 11 I had my hair grown out long. Thought it was a tough biker thing to do, but in truth with my baby face it made…Continue Reading →