Need in a land of Plenty.

What is currency? It is imaginary little numbers in computers and printed on pieces of paper that determine how a society allocates its resources. Currently, America has more empty houses than it has homeless people. America grows much more food…Continue Reading →


I have that lurching feeling in my stomach like I’m falling. And an ache in my chest that can’t go away. And that feeling in my head like I’m about to get struck by lightning. I’m hoping that the perpetrators…Continue Reading →

Free Speech.

When I was a teenager, one of the political issues that most occupied my heart and mind was that of Free Speech. When I pored over my History textbooks, I read over every governmental intrusion into free and open discourse with…Continue Reading →

Star Trek fans suck.

These are based off of actual complaints aired by fans at each of the respective shows and movies upon their premiere. Star Trek, the original series – This show is terrible! A giant ribbon at the edge of the galaxy?…Continue Reading →