Charlie Hebdo.

I’d like to tell you about a society. This society, after having produced a great deal of material wealth by exploiting its own natural resources, still faced a profoundly unequal society, filled with a tiny ruling monarchy and elite ruling…Continue Reading →

Sexism and Racism.

There have been two social issues heavily dominating national discourse at the moment. One has been the rather inescapable issue of race and policing dominating the national media. The other has been somewhat more niche. If you haven’t heard of…Continue Reading →


Before get into the thick of it, here’s a pretty big disclaimer: many Americans would consider me a part of the “radical” left. In 2003 I marched my feet off against the Iraq War. In 2011, I was a part…Continue Reading →

Black Friday.

Today is a yearly occasion that can be fairly polarizing. Some people will go out and join in the frenzy, while people like me will stay at home, waiting for it to be over. So instead of posting some snarky…Continue Reading →