• The Alternate History We Need.

  • Impeachment?

    I see impeachment is trending again. Here’s a brief synopsis of the process it has to go through.

  • Union and Unity: Remembering Gettysburg in 2017

    One hundred and fifty four years ago today concluded the largest battle fought upon this continent. Between the two armies, there were approximately 51,000 casualties. Remember these men today.

  • Comic Books, and How We Remember.

    I’m going to talk about comic books. Even if you don’t like comic books, I’d encourage you to read, because I’m going to touch on broader issues.

  • Pride and Identity.

    Pride is always important. What it represents is important. And this year, in 2017, when LGBTQ rights are being rolled back, and what are sneeringly dismissed as “identity politics” are being questioned, it’s worth briefly examining some of the major events in the history of the LGBTQ Rights movement.

  • Stress Writing on Health Care.

    What’s the purpose of civil society and civilization, of government and politics? It ought not to just be to protect the powerful. In the last several hundred years in the West has come the notion that it’s to provide enough for everyone. We produce enough water for everyone to drink and food for everyone to eat and have seconds. We have more empty housing than homeless.

  • Lessons from Ossoff.

    The running joke going around that I really like is, “this last election proves that to win elections the Democratic Party should adopt my policy preferences.

  • What Do Mass Shootings Have In Common?

    In examining mass violence there’s a big common thread. This includes ISIS or Robert Dear or James Hodgkinson. It transcends ideology. When one of these events transpires, you can count on some combination of two factors: an explicitly misogynistic attitude, and a history of domestic violence.

  • So You Want a Controversial Shakespeare Adaptation?

    It turns out that there’s a Conservative furor over a Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar that features a blond Caesar, costumed in a suit. Well for once, I agree with the conservatives, this was a stupid staging that should never have been performed!

  • You're Young? Go Vote.

    Dear Young People, please read this:

  • Rigged Systems and Voter Suppression.

    Hey everyone: life is about to hand you a rare gift today. Pay attention.

  • The House Repeals the ACA.

    Today was bad. The House passed a bill that, simply put, is taking health care from poor people and converting it into a big tax break for rich people.

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