• The Science March.

    Science and technology do improve our quality of life, but without good public policy to guide them, their benefits are largely localized to the elite, and they largely further the acceleration of inequality. I didn’t march for better science, because hello, we’ve got that, I’m typing this on a tiny pocket supercomputer. Instead I marched for the better application of policy to technological advances, so the benefits of them can be fairly applied to everyone.

  • He Took the Fifth!

    I think we’re far enough away from any big legal drama playing out in the news that I can go into this subject. I kind of have a feeling it’s going to be an issue again pretty soon, so let’s clear something up:

  • My Favorite Movie of the Year.

  • The Irish Diaspora.

    On this day when millions of people celebrate the Irish diaspora in America, it’s worth reflecting on the circumstances surrounding their departure from Ireland. During the “famine,” there was more than enough food being grown to feed everyone, but it was being exported to fetch a better profit.

  • He Owns Things.

    For a people that claim to value a strong work ethic, Americans tend to really value the notion that you get to live a life of luxury while performing no labor if you have just the right pieces of paper in your desk drawer.

  • Compromise.

    We’ve been in this phase of no compromise from the GOP whatsoever. And today I’m seeing a lot of pundits talking about compromising with Trump. Once again, let’s examine how wrongheaded that thinking is.

  • Ideological Diversification.

    I’ve completed my transition from Reddit to Twitter as my primary news aggregator. (Reddit’s altered algorithm and infiltration by white supremacists spurred this decision.) In the aftermath of the 2016 election, I sought to expand my “bubble,” and diversify the people I was following.

  • Sweden?

    Trump’s Sweden comments weren’t referring to terrorist attacks. Instead, they were referring to a misleading narrative being peddled by the far right for the last year.

  • The Future of General Leia.

    Unpopular opinion of the night:

  • Welcome to your Kleptocracy.

    When this whole thing crashes and burns, every GOP operative and representative are going to be trying to distance themselves and their ideology from him. A key part of doing that will be rhetorically distancing themselves from the notion that his Presidency was legitimate or anything other than an aberration. So it’s actually really important for you to not use nicknames to refer to him, and to use the proper honorifics associated with him: President Trump, the Republican POTUS.

  • Immigration.

    Let’s start with some common ground. Very few people are currently satisfied with the immigration system as it currently stands in the United States.

  • Turd Monkey.

    Here’s a primer on Milo Yiannopoulos, or Turd Monkey as I like to call him. If you’ve been out of geek circles it’s possible to have to have missed him, but for those of us who were active online during Gamer Gate, it was kind of hard to.

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