• Black History Month.

    "Happy Black History Month! Or as we'll probably hear from the White House, Happy The Irish Were Slaves Too Month!"

  • Ghosts of Presidents Past...

    His first weekend in the White House, Donald Trump was visited by the ghost of George Washington. Donald asked him, “George, what can I do to best serve the United States?”

  • The Problem of Men.

    Every year, an average of 1,300 Americans are killed due to domestic violence. 93% of the perpetrators are male.

  • The Immigration of the MacKinnons.

    I just poured myself a glass of Drambuie. On the rocks. It’s a Scottish liqueur that was actually concocted by MacKinnons. Let me tell you about how this drink came to be and how this particular MacKinnon wound up here drinking it.

  • I am Racist.

    The President-elect built his coalition on stoking the racial antipathy of white people. Low income Americans voted for Clinton over Trump by an over 10% margin. Trump won a two-to-one victory in counties where the unemployment rate has improved the most since 2010. When examining this electoral defeat, let’s forget about scandals and party infighting. Donald Trump was elected President because 47% of Americans were either wildly enthusiastic about the inclusion of open racial hatred into our national life, or more concerned with receiving tax cuts than with the safety of their fellow Americans.

  • Charlie X; or, how Uhura's song conquers all.

    Upon a second viewing, I’ve actually revised my opinion of this episode upward. I’m no longer putting it in my “Red Shirt” category of episodes I think should be skipped. I now think this is a critical episode of Star Trek, in spite of some difficult scenes, and here’s why.

  • Domitian and Diocletian.

    There’s something that’s been perplexing me, namely the different reactions to the policies of Domitian and Diocletian.

  • Groping.

    You know honestly here’s an unusual story that’s swelling back.

  • Will the Election be rigged? Volume 2

    Today on the campaign trail, Donald J. Trump once again raised the possibility of electoral fraud in November.

  • I'm With Her.

    Given the massive amount of shit in the shape of an Oompa Loompa on the debate stage, there was not as much policy on stage as their should have been. So here’s why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

  • Thoughts on the Second Presidential Debate.

    The Town Hall Debate is supposed to be the format where the candidate shows off how they visibly connect with voters, and address their concerns. The elder Bush basically lost the ‘92 election when he was caught checking his watch during a question about the national debt.

  • Tonight's VP Debate: A Primer and Some Predictions

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