• A Black Panther Primer

    With the forthcoming release of Black Panther, I’ve been excitedly reading through the prominent titles and and writers who have defined T’Challa over the past 50 years. While my survey has yet to be completed, I can provide a decent overview for people fascinated by the character and are interested in learning more about him.

  • Discovery: Context is for Kings

    The prologue is over. The Pilot has arrived.

  • Puerto Rico is an American Colony.

    A few reminders about the history and political status about Puerto Rico:

  • Star Trek is dead. Long live Star Trek!

    I’ve watched the opening episodes of Star Trek: Discovery twice, and I’m heartily on board. There’s something fundamentally relieving about having Star Trek on the air again.

  • The Cage Revisited

    When I was a kid, the original Star Trek series was the only on television at 1:30am Sunday mornings. As a fan of The Next Generation and the movies, I was intensely curious, but opportunities for viewing were limited. However, the local Blockbuster had a copy of The Cage, Gene Roddenberry’s original, unaired pilot episode. As a result, I’ve probably seen that more than any other episode of the original.

  • In college, Ben Shapiro worked to undermine Free Speech.

    With his coming talk at UC Berkeley, Ben Shapiro has been a much discussed subject on social media. Why would people object to Shapiro?

  • Political Violence.

    It’s incredible the kind of sanitized version of activism Americans believed existed before the modern day. Unions and Suffragettes started fires and planted bombs. They engaged in civil disobedience and had to be ready to defend themselves against both fellow citizens and police. In the Civil Rights movement, the Freedom Riders and lunch counter sit-ins were all violating local law, and defending themselves when brawling did break out was not unheard of. In one of the clearest through lines from violence to results, the gay rights movement didn’t start getting taken seriously until they started throwing bricks at cops.

  • Charlottesville, Dunkirk, and "The Good War"

    In recent weeks, people have been critiquing the film Dunkirk for its lack of portrayal of colonial soldiers during the evacuation of British forces from France in 1940. This is certainly not without merit; British infantry was not segregated by race, with soldiers from the Caribbean serving in the Infantry alongside soldiers from the British Isles themselves. Ultimately the film focuses on three (and a half, exposition squirrel Branagh) narratives. It does not intend to be an all-encompassing view of the battle. Still, this criticism does bear weight, particularly in light of what virtually every other narrative of the Second World War leaves out.

  • War is Failure.

    Today is Purple Heart Day. The best way to honor those who have sacrificed is to ensure that future generations do not have to bear the same horrors.

  • The Fate of the Gracchi and the Future.

    In 133BC, Tiberius Gracchus was a popular politician who championed much needed land reform in the Senate. He flouted some of Rome’s unwritten traditions.

  • Gender Roles and Historical Memory.

  • Whither Transgender?

    I assure you, you’ve shared a bathroom with a transgender person before. Having essentially “lost” the gay marriage issue, the GOP decided that they needed to weaponize more bigotry, and decided to start making this their new battleground.

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